What We Provide

Here at AM Software Solutions

“We fully manage what we create for you from start to finish.

Whether your goal is to present your business, simplify complex tasks, explore new technological frontiers, or leverage AI for strategic advantages, AMSS is your trusted partner in this journey.

Below you can see a list of general offered products, with details on what you'll be paying for.

Discover how our website's intuitive design and tailored content can revolutionize your online experience.

Elevate your mobile experience with our app's seamless functionality and personalized features.

Being a global company gives us the privilege to work with professionals from all industries from all parts of the world. 

Your ideas will surely come to life in our hands, no matter the rarity, complexity, functionality, and setting. 

Our Process

The way we do things really depends on the specific project requested.

Read below to learn more...

Requirements Gathering 🗒️

You tell us your requirements and our dedicated team goes deep into your business process and specific needs.

In case your requested product and our current capabilities align, we move on to define the project scope, timeline and hosting preference. 

Finally, our cross-functional team builds a concept and prototype of your custom software solution based on AMSS overly qualitative platforms. 

Design and Development ⚙️

Using the finest product development mythologies, our development team designs and develops featuring the most important business concerns. 

We gather a technical team who continuously tests the software after each delivery, ensuring high-quality and viable software. 

You pay only after when we deliver all your requirements.

Finalized Product! ✔️

Once your Product is ready, you will then be introduced to the following experts, to continuously Support and Innovate:

Account Manager, who is your primary contact in all things at AMSS.

Support Specialist, who is available 24/7 through text/email for emergency.

Graphic Designer, who will constantly keep your content up to date.

Company Innovator, who will always think a step ahead for the benefit of your company.

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